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標題: Mother Helps Woman Give Birth Regardless of Language Barrier Ray Ban Wayfarer Sa [打印本頁]

作者: imogen2575    時間: 2013-5-30 18:39     標題: Mother Helps Woman Give Birth Regardless of Language Barrier Ray Ban Wayfarer Sa

Mother Assists Lady Give Birth Regardless of Language Barrier
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Inside the NewsNow, towards the story of a mom helping a mom. Comprehensive strangers in an unlikely spot below extraordinary situations. Envision this. A woman in labor at a bus cease. One more woman rushing to assist her. With neither speaking the exact same language. As well as the baby? Properly, wasn't about to wait. Following an afternoon on campus with her son,Ray Ban Glasses Frames Uk, 36yearold emily brewer was flagged down as she waited for the bus. We're sitting here, enjoying the attractive day. An this lady comes as much as me. And she's in distress. And she's pointing to her pal inside the bus shelter. Reporter: On this bus cease bench, elizabeth lopez had just gone into labor. Brewer, with no medical education instantly referred to as 911. Hi. There is a lady who's going into labor perfect now at a bus shelter. Okay. All best. Oh, my god. The infant was just born. The baby's here? She had the child? Reporter: Lopez only speaks spanish. And brewer did not have a translator. But in spite of the significantly less than excellent delivery space, the two girls worked with each other for what brewer calls a surprisingly quick birth. Oh, child. Oh,Cheap Christian Louboutin, child. Gentlemen,Cheap Ray Ban Prescription Glasses Uk, this child was just born. Oh,Discount Ray Bans Uk, my gosh. I consider within a predicament like that,Christian Louboutin Uk, if you've been via labor, you speakmother. Reporter: Within minutes, paramedics took over. The subsequent time brewer saw lopez, was in this hospital bed with her pleased, healthy child girl. So spectacular, with this modest youngster I saw come in to the globe,Cheap Ray Bans, wrapped up in her burrito blanket. Reporter: It is an expertise that brewer and her 2yearold son dillon will under no circumstances forget. I just witnessed a birth at a bus quit. I will in no way feel of this bus quit exactly the same once again. I adore that. She stated,Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses, we each spoke the language of mother. And elizabeth is really thinking of naming her daughter emily now. That's truly cute. Great story. Coming up on "gma," new
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